Who applied for B-Jazz International Contest 2018?

These are the names of all the bands and/or musicians who applied for B-Jazz International Contest 2018.

In total we received more than 100 applications, of which 77 (from 19 countries) meet the contest rules and completed their application.

Now the jury will choose from these 77 applicants 2 bands/musicians to play the finals of B-Jazz on 16 and 17 March 2018.

The applicants are (in alphabetical order):
1000 (Norway)
A.I.M.A. quartet (Italy)
Adam Jarzmik Quintet (Poland)
Adriano Koch (Switzerland)
Alistair Payne Quartet (Netherlands)
Ana Caral Maza (France)
Anders Fjeldsted Sextet (Denmark)
ATA (Italy)
Aurora (Spain)
Bokeh Acoustic Trio (Poland)
Brodie Jarvie Quintet (United Kingdom)
Capital Focus Jazz Band (United States of America)
Cordelia Tapping Group (United States of America)
D H D Trio (Netherlands)
Dahl / Ford / Loeb (Denmark)
Danil Zverkhanovsky Trio (Germany)
Dmitry Makhlin (Russia)
Dominik Kisiel Exploration Quartet (Poland)
DYKI LYS (Ganna Gryniva Ensemble) (Germany)
Echoes (United States of America)
Fat-Suit (United Kingdom)
Forlorn Elm (Switzerland)
Fort Hill (United States of America)
Fu Ping Liu (Belgium)
Gottfried di Franco (Belgium)
HABERECHT 4 (Germany)
Heavy Therapy (Germany)
Jam Experiment (United Kingdom)
Johannes Metzger Quartet (Germany)
Just Another Foundry (Germany)
KADAWA (United States of America)
Klara Cloud & The Vultures (Poland)
Kosmos (Denmark)
Kristina Barta Trio (Czech Republic)
KRUIDKOEK (Netherlands)
Louis Matute 4tet (Switzerland)
Ludanyi Quartet (Hungary)
Marcin Pater Trio (Poland)
Margaux Vranken + strings (Belgium)
Martin Salemi Trio (Belgium)
Matteo Di Leonardo 4tet (Belgium)
Minua (Switzerland)
Mireille (Switzerland)
Monoglot (Switzerland)
Musina Ebobissé Quintet (Germany)
NAU Trio (Germany)
Obradovic-Tixier Duo (Switzerland)
OGGY & the Phonics (Switzerland)
Olga Amelchenko Quintet (Germany)
Otto Kintet (Belgium)
Pasquale Mandia Trio (Italy)
Pawel Kaminski Quartet (Poland)
PULL (Netherlands)
Sans Soucis (United Kingdom)
Shakai (Norway)
Skeltr (United Kingdom)
Skulski | Gerigk | Roth (Germany)
Solomons Kosmos (Germany)
SoundMeck (Poland)
Teis Semey Group (Netherlands)
Tom Syson Sextet (United Kingdom)
Trio Mezcal (Italy)
the bottomline (Germany)
The Jake Hart Trio (United States of America)
The K-K Duo (United States of America)
The Passengers (Netherlands)
Trillmann (Germany)
Tríptico (Colombia)
Trois Imaginaires (Switzerland)
Two Violins (Ukraine)
Veronika ChiChi Quartet (Lithuania)
Vortex Kwintet (Belgium)
Yvonne Mwale (Zambia)
Zeñel (United Kingdom)