B-Jazz 2016: the results

The Swiss Florian Favre Trio wins the jazz competition B-Jazz International Contest 2016, held during the Leuven Jazz festival.

Floria Favre Trio

Six finalists from five countries went for the ‘Grand Prize Albert Michiels’.

An overview of the prizes & winners:

The winner of the first prize, the ‘Grand Prize Albert Michiels‘, is Florian Favre Trio (Switzerland), a trio lead by Florian Favre on piano, Manu Hagmann on double bass and Arthur Hnatek on drums.

From the jury report:
“This band has a very high level of proficiency and professionalism.
There was a great build up and contour of the set, ranging from very delicate to highly intense moments, within the jazz tradition, but always fresh and surprising, with never a dull moment.
With great coherence and interplay between the band members, always finding a balance between seriousness and apparent pleasure, meanwhile connecting very well with the audience and therefor creating a great atmosphere.”

Laurent Coulondre Trio

The second prize was won by Laurent Coulondre Trio (France) and Maciek Wojcieszuk Quintet (Poland) took home the third prize.

Maciek Wojciezyk Quintet

Prize for best soloist: Florian Favre (piano – Florian Favre Trio)

Prize for best bass player: Manu Hagmann (Florian Favre Trio)

Sabam for Culture Prize (= prize for the best live interpretation of ‘Eternal July‘ (composed by Piotr Matusik): Florian Favre Trio

Prize for the winner of the Composition Contest B-Jazz 2016: ‘Eternal July’ by Piotr Matusik (Poland).