winners preliminary round 2022


The bands Latitude and Matthias Van den Brande Trio win the preliminary round of B-Jazz 2022

These are the winners

So that was it, the preliminary round of B-Jazz International Contest.
The first edition of the new formula in which young jazz talent aims for a spot in the finals. From this year on, that final of this international contest will be preceded by a Belgian preliminary round.
On Friday 11 March, thanks to Muziekmozaïek and Leuven Jazz, four young bands got the chance to present themselves and show the audience and the jury how they interpret jazz in the year 2022. Very eclectic and varied, as it seems based on what happened on stage. Consecutively these bands were on stage: mòs ensembleMatthias Van den Brande TrioAdja and Latitude. They gave us four splendid concerts of extraordinary talents.

The jury members were Maarten WeylerJohn Snauwaert and Nilson Matta (BRA), and they listened and looked carefully what happened. After careful consideration they decided that two bands can prepare themselves to perform in july at Gent Jazz, during the finals of B-Jazz 2022: Latitude and Matthias Van den Brande Trio.

Latitude (photo: Patrick Clerens)
Matthias Van den Brande Trio (photo: Patrick Clerens)

From the jury report

These are some comments from the jury…

These are very young musicians | their compositions are very nice | It’s obvious that they’ve very well-rehearsed | songs with different dynamics | accents are together: music is fun! | the rhythm section was very good (a perfect choice) | the experience and level of all players | great comping | extras for interaction | they listen to each other (the way the solo in the first song was taken over from sax to guitar…) | they have an understanding of different styles (2 nd bossa-fork feel) | communication = plus | they enjoy playing | fun | the band leader did his best to talk to the audience (can still improve, but he surely wants to do it)

Matthias Van den Brande Trio
Nice melodies | all parameters are present (sound, timing, dynamics, melodic/harmonic balance) | they play in many different colors, even some surprises and not monotonous | interaction = plus | the technique of all players is great | even with a substitute bass player they stand out | announcements = plus | we heard diverse sounds | of course, it is easier to be more free with 3 | the structures are well prepared (from intro to coda) | music with a concept and in line with their own liner notes

The jury (from left to right): Maarten Weyler, John Snauwaert & Nilson Matta (photo: Patrick Clerens)