B-Jazz 2016

First prize (‘Grand Prize Albert Michiels’) = Florian Favre Trio (Switzerland),
a trio lead by Florian Favre on piano, Manu Hagmann on double bass and Arthur Hnatek on drums.

Florian Favre Trio - winners 'Grand Prize Albert Michiels' @ B-Jazz 2016

Florian Favre Trio – winners ‘Grand Prize Albert Michiels’ @ B-Jazz 2016

Second prize = Laurent Coulondre Trio (France)

Laurent Coulondre Trio - winners second prize @ B-Jazz 2016

Laurent Coulondre Trio – winners second prize @ B-Jazz 2016

Third prize = Maciek Wojcieszuk Quintet (Poland)

Maciek Wojciezyk Quintet - winners third prize @ B-Jazz 2016

Maciek Wojcieszyk Quintet – winners third prize @ B-Jazz 2016

Prize for best soloist: Florian Favre (piano – Florian Favre Trio)

Prize for best bass player: Manu Hagmann (Florian Favre Trio)

Sabam for Culture Prize (= prize for the best live interpretation of ‘Eternal July’: Florian Favre Trio

Prize for the winner of the Composition Contest B-Jazz 2016: ‘Eternal July’ by Piotr Matusik (Poland)

The fourth place is shared by Atrìo, Pentadox 3 and Wlodarczyk / Plecher Duo.

Atrìo, Florian Favre Trio, Laurent Coulondre Trio, Maciek Wojcieszuk Quintet, Pentadox 3 and Wlodarczyk / Plecher Duo.

Atrìo from Italy

Atrìo (c) Atrìo

Atrìo was born in 2012 with the meeting of three yooung musicians sharing the same passion for jazz in particular.
Along with their original compositions their repertoire ranges from reinterpretations of famous songs and jazz standards in a modern key.
They took part in several competitions and national festivals. In september 2015 the trio recorded their first live EP in Auditorium Parco della Musica de Roma, featuring J. Girotto and R. Giuliani as special guests.

Atrìo got a wildcard to play B-Jazz 2016 via Saint Louis College of Music (Rome, Italy).

band members
Moreno Maugliani – drums
Dario Giacovelli – bass & effects
Gianluca Massetti – piano & keyboards


Florian Favre Trio from Switzerland

Florian Favre Trio (c) Yohan Jacquier

This trio exists since 2010 and tours mostly in Switzerland and Germany.
After releasing their first album, playing a lot of shows and being invited to perform a showcase at Jazzahead! 2015, the trio takes on a new form.
Drummer Arthur Hnatek (Tigran Hamasyan, Erik Truffaz, …) joins them for a new album, wich will be released in April 2016 on Traumton Records (Berlin).

band members
Florian Favre – piano
Arthur Hnatek – drums
Manu Hagmann – double bass


Laurent Coulondre Trio from France

Laurent Coulondre Trio (c) Laurent Coulondre Trio

Laurent Coulondre belongs to this new generation of incredibly skilled musicians.
This 26 years old pianist got involved into the deep world of organ music. He features an old style feet bass playing while delivering a percussive and very dynamic hand play.
His compositions reflect an idea of what jazz could be today, mixing a profound taste of swing music with contemporary influences.

band members
Laurent Coulondre – organ & piano
Martin Wangermee – drums
Rémy Bouyssière – (double) bass


Maciek Wojcieszuk Quintet from Poland

Maciek Wojcieszuk Quintet (c) Jarek Rerych

This quintet is an initiative aimed at presenting Maciek Wojcieszuk’s own vision of jazz music. Their work is an outcome of Maciek’s experience both in jazz and other genres, including rock, Celtic, folk and Balkan music, playing in numerous projects both during concerts and at theater performances. So far they have been selected among various groups to be part of many jazz festivals both in Poland and abroad, including Jazz Juniors, OdNowa Jazz Fest, Jazz w Światowidzie, Bueno Jazz Fest, JazzBer, International Jazz Festiwal in Getxo and others.

Maciek Wojcieszuk Quintet got a wildcard to play B-Jazz 2016 by winning the Getxo International Jazz Festival competition (Getxo, Spain).

band members
Paulina Atmańska – piano
Adam Tadel – double bass
Kuba Łępa – saxophone
Paweł Palcowski – trumpet
Piotr Budniak – drums


Pentadox 3 from Belgium

Pentadox 3 (c) Pentadox 3

A contemporary jazz trio consisting of Samuel Ber, Bram De Looze and Sylvain Debaisieux, based around Ber’s compositions, a mix of written scores and free improvisation.
The tenor saxophone-piano-drums formula allows blending of textures, harmonic, melodic and rhythmic experimentation and a real time exploration of the links between the three protagonists.

band members
Samuel Ber – drums
Sylvain Debaisieux – tenor saxophone
Bram De Looze – piano

Wlodarczyk / Plecher Duo from Switzerland

Wlodarczyk - Plecher Duo (c) Wlodarczyk - Plecher Duo

Grzegorz and Stephan met for the first time at the Swiss jazz festival Generations 2014 in Frauenfeld.
What started as a loose project developed into a long term cooperation. Both musicians contribute their original compositions to this duo.
A mix of jazz roots stuff, elements from rock/pop and contemporary classical music. Music with a strong rhythmic sense and full of atmosphere.

band members
Grzegorz Włodarczyk – double bass
Stephan Plecher – piano



  • Aga Derlak Trio (Poland)
  • Allison Philips Trio (Netherlands)
  • André Santos feat. Tristan Renfrow & Alessandro Fongaro (Portugal)
  • Andreas Feith Quartett (Germany)
  • Andrew Boudreau Quartet (Canada)
  • Arba (Germany)
  • Bangin’ Bülows Nice Jazz Quartet (Denmark)
  • Barba Roja (Belgium)
  • BB Quintet (Austria)
  • Bilge Günaydin Trio (Turkey)
  • BRIBES (France)
  • Conflection (Belgium)
  • Daniel Westin Quartet (Sweden)
  • DAOUD (Netherlands)
  • Der Weise Panda (Germany)
  • DIOOD (France)
  • Double Deal Quartet (Belgium)
  • DuckTapeTicket (Germany)
  • Duologues (Italy)
  • Eva Klesse Quartett (Germany)
  • Family Band (United Kingdom)
  • Filipe Raposo Quartet (Portugal)
  • Filippa & Antoine (Germany)
  • Florian Favre Trio (Switzerland)
  • Garbage Ghost (Belgium)
  • Gijs Idema Trio (Netherlands)
  • Giovanni Agosti Trio (Italy)
  • Giulio Scaramella (Italy)
  • Haines Quartet (United Kingdom)
  • Horacy Sextet (Poland)
  • Inner Out (Poland)
  • Jannis Wolff Quintet (Netherlands)
  • Jens Böckamp FLOW Quartet (Germany)
  • Jérémy Dumont Trio (Belgium)
  • João Coelho Trio (Netherlands)
  • Joern and The Michaels (Germany)
  • Johnny Hunter Quartet (United Kingdom)
  • Juniper Tree (Sweden)
  • Just Another Foundry (Germany)
  • Juzz (Spain)
  • KADAWA (United States of America)
  • Kamil Piotrowicz Quintet (Poland)
  • Karel Cuelenaere Unstrumental (Belgium)
  • Kristina Barta Quartet (Czech Republic)
  • Lajos Tóth Quartet (Austria)
  • Laurent Coulondre Trio (France)
  • LES CASANOVAS (Norxay)
  • Lorenzo Naccarato Trio (France)
  • Ludanyi Quartet (Hungary)
  • Lukas Brenner Trio (Germany)
  • M.E.N. (United States of America)
  • Malstrom (Germany)
  • Margaux Vranken Trio (Belgium)
  • Marutyri (Netherlands)
  • Me&Mobi (Switzerland)
  • Meedn’Jim (Belgium)
  • Megalodon Collective (Norway)
  • Mertens / Medvedev Duo (Belgium)
  • Morgan Freeman (Netherlands)
  • Natanael Ramos Band (Spain)
  • NOJAKîN (Switzerland)
  • Open Source Trio (Bulgaria)
  • Ophir (Italy)
  • Osipov & Nadzharov Duo (Russia)
  • Pedro Branco Quartet (Netherlands)
  • Pentadox 3 (Belgium)
  • Questionin’ Answers (Croatia)
  • RED REITER (United States of America)
  • Röchter-Tamayo Duo (Germany)
  • ROHEY (Norway)
  • Sander De Winne & Bram De Looze (Belgium)
  • Sebastiaan van Bavel Trio (Netherlands)
  • Skarkali Trio (Iceland)
  • Skulski | Roth (Germany)
  • SOJazz Group (Netherlands)
  • Sophie Min Trio (Australia)
  • SoundMeck (Poland)
  • Square One (United Kingdom)
  • Spoken (Belgium)
  • The Vera Marijt Trio (Canada)
  • Tim Finoulst Trio (Belgium)
  • Tom Green Septet (United Kingdom)
  • Totenhagen (Germany)
  • Treehouse (United Kingdom)
  • Trio fANTOSI (Sweden)
  • Vehemence Quartet (Poland)
  • Waiting for M. (Belgium)
  • Wako (Norway)
  • Weezdob Collective (Poland)
  • Wlodarczyk / Plecher Duo (Switzerland)
  • Yuliya Perminova (Russia)


Jury for the qualifications
foto_Peter_Hertmans_vierkant_klein  Peter Hertmans (BE)
guitarist & composer / teacher at Conservatorium Brussel and at Lemmens Instituut Leuven


foto_Maarten_Weyler_vierkant_klein  Maarten Weyler (BE)
chairman of music programme at School of Arts/Koninklijk Conservatorium Ghent

Jury for the final
foto_Jan_Formannoy_vierkant_klein  Jan Formannoy (NL)
chairman of the jury / guitarist / guitar teacher at Conservatorium Maastricht


foto_Leon_Lhoest_3_vierkant_klein  Leon Lhoëst (NL)
pianist, composer & arranger / lecturer general theory subjects at School of Arts/Koninklijk Conservatorium Ghent and at Conservatorium Maastricht


foto_Sabine_Kuehlich_vierkant_klein  Sabine Kuehlich (DE)
singer & composer / jazz voice teacher at Conservatorium Maastricht


foto_Fernando_Iza_San_Miguel_vierkant_klein  Fernando Iza San Miguel (ES)
representative of Getxo International Jazz Festival


foto_Pierpaolo_Principato_vierkant_klein  Pierpaolo Principato (IT)
pianist / Jazz Department director at Saint Louis College of Music


foto_Susan_Leliveld_vierkant_klein  Susan Leliveld (NL)
assistant programmer of Amersfoort Jazz Festival and Congres


foto_Patrick_Mortier_vierkant_klein  Patrick Mortier (BE)
musician, producer & publisher / representative of Sabam for Culture


foto_Filip_Verneert_vierkant_klein  Filip Verneert (BE)
secretary of the jury / musician / director of Muziekmozaïek Folk & Jazz vzw

Jury for the Composition Contest

foto_Ilse_Duyck_vierkant_klein  Ilse Duyck (BE)
singer & composer


foto_Leon_Lhoest_3_vierkant_klein  Leon Lhoëst (NL)
pianist, composer & arranger / lecturer general theory subjects at School of Arts/Koninklijk Conservatorium Ghent and at Conservatorium Maastricht


foto_Manuel_Hermia_vierkant_klein  Manuel Hermia (BE)
sax player, fluteplayer & composer


foto_Alex_Koo_vierkant_klein  Alex Koo (BE)
pianist & composer / winner of the Composition Contest B-Jazz 2015