In the vault we store our archives on previous editions of B-Jazz International Contest and Jazz Hoeilaart (as the contest was named until 2015).

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Note that this Vault is a Work in Progress.
We try to make it as complete as possible, but some things need to be searched for in old archives.
Please be patient for this to be complete.

Here’s an (almost complete) overview of the finalists of the previous editions (back till the start in 1979) of this contest, in alphabetical order:



Atrìo Italy
Moreno Maugliani: drums | Dario Giacovelli: bass & effects | Gianluca Massetti: piano & keyboards

Florian Favre Trio Switzerland
Florian Favre: piano | Arthur Hnatek: drums | Manu Hagmann: double bass

Laurent Coulondre Trio France
Laurent Coulondre: organ & piano | Martin Wangermee: drums | Rémy Bouyssière: (double) bass

Maciek Wojcieszuk Quintet Poland
Paulina Atmańska: piano | Adam Tadel: double bass | Kuba Łępa: saxophone | Paweł Palcowski: trumpet | Piotr Budniak: drums

Pentadox 3 Belgium
Sylvain Debaisieux: tenor saxophone & compositions | Bram De Looze: piano & compositions | Samuel Ber: drums & compositions

Wlodarczyk / Plecher Duo Switzerland
Grzegor Wlodarczyk: double bass | Stephan Plecher: piano




Attila Gyárfás Trio Hungary & Italy
Attila Gyárfás: drums | Márton Fenyvesi: guitar | Marco Zenini: double bass

Philippe Lemm Trio United States of America
Philippe Lemm: drums | Angelo Di Loreto: piano | Jeff Koch: bass

RUIS Belgium
Artan Buleshkaj: guitar | Nils Vermeulen: double bass | Simon Raman: drums

Hendrik Lasure: piano | Casper Van de Velde: drums

Soso Lakatos Quartet Hungary, United States of America & Netherlands
Soso Lakatos: saxophone | Matt Adomeit: double bass | Tristan Renfrow: drums | Koen Schalkwijk: piano

Ylativ Algo Quintet Germany & Russion Federation
Lukas Growe: double bass | Niklas Kraft: saxophone | Olga Reznichenko: piano | Philip Theurer: drums | Vitaly Kiselev: trumpet