finalists B-Jazz 2020

The finalists of B-Jazz International Contest 2020 are:

friday 20 March saturday 21 March


Polish quintet.

friday 20 March at 20:10
This jazz ensemble performs an authorial programme comprising of compositions and arrangements of instrumentalists creating it.
O.N.E Quintet plays jazz in a modern way and contemporary music, hip hop and ethno music are the inspiration.
These five women are prominent representatives of the young generation of musicians who perform on a daily basis on the jazz, avant-garde and pop scene.

Dominika Rusinowska violin | Monika Muc saxophone | Paulina Atmańska piano | Kamila Drabek double bass | Patrycja Wybrańczyk drums

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Australian trio.

friday 20 March at 21:15
An Australian experimental trio, formed as an outlet to play the original compositions that no-one else wanted to play. The result is an inventive mix of Jazz, Progressive metal and Contemporary Classical music which seamlessly blend between the avant garde and the low brow.
MMG seeks to strike a balance between the precise and expressive, serious and ridiculous; brought to life through their recordings as well as their relentless and often chaotic live performances.
After releasing two albums and an EP through Sydney label Art as Catharsis, undertaking two Australian tours, supporting contemporary electronic jazz group KNOWER, shortlisting in the 2019 International Songwriting Competition and being nominated for an Australian Jazz Award for best young jazz artist in 2018, MMG have rapidly become one the Australian jazz-sphere’s must-see acts.

Zachary Sakrewski double bass | Benjamin Shannon drums | Andrew Saragossi saxophone

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Italian quartet.

friday 20 March at 22:20
Claudio Jr De Rosa is an Italian award-winning saxophonist, bass clarinetist, composer and arranger based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
After leading several bands and touring extensively across Europe, Claudio Jr De Rosa created his jazz 4et in 2016, featuring talented musicians from all over Europe.
The band released in 2017 ‘Groovin’ Up!’ and ‘Forces’ in 2019 for Incipit Records.
‘Groovin’ Up!’ was listed in the top 10 CDs from an Italian emerging artist by Musica Jazz, allowing the CJDR 4et to perform extensively across Europe. Major highlights included shows in festivals such as North Sea Jazz Festival, Umbria Jazz, Veneto Jazz Festival, and many others.
In July 2019 the band won the Getxo International Jazz Competition, releasing a live recording of the performance for the Errabal Jazz label.

Claudio Jr De Rosa saxophone & bass clarinet | Wajdi Riahi piano | Mauro Cottone double bass | Augustas Baronas drums

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Quartet from Italy.

saturday 21 March at 20:10
Guido della Gatta started studying the classical guitar at age 6, following his father’s passion: the guitar and the music in general. The music journey started as a game and as the time went by it became the real point of his life. He plays in clubs as well as on Italian television.
The first influences came from blues and, fusion: Chick Corea, Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson, Wayne Krantz, … All the music that mixed the rock sound with the jazz concepts.
Guido studied at the Conservatorio San Pietro a Majella in Napoli and then moved to Saint Louis College of Music in Roma, where he concluded his studies in Jazz Guitar with amazing teachers like Nico Stufano, Umberto Fiorentino and Dario Lapenna.
He had the chance to play with amazing musicians like Aaron Parks, Rosario Giuliani, Roberto Gatto, Marco Siniscalco, Maurizio Giammarco, …
The passion for writing music has always been an inspiration for studying and to have the chance to express the real personality of the musician. The influences of the classical Neapolitan music mixed with the modern jazz musicians is the new match!
That’s why he decided to create a new band with all friends and amazing young musicians.
The goal is to have a band with people who love the jazz tradition but at the same time are always searching for experimentation.
The Guido della Gatta Quartet was born in 2019 and they are working on their first discographic job

Guido della Gatta guitar | Aldo Capasso double bass | Michele Santolieri drums | Gianluca Massetti piano


A duo based in the Netherlands.

saturday 21 March at 21:15

An experimental duo of which the name encompasses the physicality, intensity and vulnerability of playing with two. With a shared curiosity for the subtle beauty of things, the pair combines traditional song forms and unconventional instrumental techniques, emphasising the power of story-telling through sound.
Meatshell have been developing a unique approach which demands a high level of musical independence and intricacy through the challenged roles of both instruments; Svoboda explores the soloistic and melodic areas of the bass in combination with vocals, while Saragossi utilises traditional and extended techniques to create density and harmonic richness amidst unusual saxophonic grooves.
Since releasing their debut album ‘Afar’ in June 2019, the duo will soon return to the studio to record their second album, delving into the concept of cubism in sound.

Helen Svoboda double bass & voice | Andrew Saragossi tenor saxophone

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A trio from Switzerland.

saturday 21 March at 22:20
German-Australian pianist Max Petersen takes his listeners on a transformative journey through an audacious amalgam of classical and jazz influences. His new trio explores the tension between a traditionally Western approach to performance and composition, and African American improvisational techniques and rhythmic sensibilities.
This mercurial blend of influences guarantees that every single concert is unique – as the tempestuous harmonic shifts, elegant melodies, the organic ebb and flow of groove unfold in unison you can expect a truly transcendental experience.
The signature sound of this trio comes from the sonic union of three highly seasoned, telepathically-synched and courageous musicians. Max’s compositions clearly serve as the point of departure for an aural journey based on personal interpretations and free playing.
Genre delineations remain liquid throughout – in a blink of an eye the group might shift from contemporary jazz to retro swing, and then over to the 20th century classical avant-garde or nuances that seem to be rooted in a singular German romanticism.

Max Petersen piano | Alessandro Rossi drums | Kolja Legde double bass

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