Late Night Jams

On friday as well as on saturday, after the third band performed all musicians go downstairs to Café Entrepot for the Late Night Jams.

Since B-Jazz brings together jazztalent from all corners of the world, there is a high concentration of creativity and ambition in the air.
So it’s obvious that the musicians get to know each other and start playing together, with exciting music as a result!

To get things going we invite Belgian musicians to start the Late Night Jams.
This year they are:

friday 22 March saturday 23 March
23:00 Mirre Verhoeven alt sax
Stéphanie Scultore and the True Professionnals

Jef Cruysaert drums
Stéphanie Scultore voice
Dylan Marey keys
Matteo Carola guitar
Sascha Heims guitar
Victor Foulon double bass

Cyrille Obermuller double bass Julien Delbrouck drums