finalists B-Jazz 2019

The finalists of B-Jazz International Contest 2019 are:

friday 22 March saturday 23 March


A French pianist and a Croatian drummer.

friday 22 March ay 20:00
Unusual and innovating music, elegant and sensitive, elaborated and interactive. Between light touch and strength, it fascinates and surprises as much as it stimulates.
The Obradovic-Tixier Duo is a project comprised from the collaboration of French pianist David Tixier and Croatian drummer Lada Obradovic.
An unyielding modern sound of acoustics fused with electronics, texts, polyrhythms, interlocked with lush harmonies settled within the wily polymeters transcends the music led by emotions and elegance.

David Tixier piano | Lada Obradovic drums



Quintet from Italy with a vocal leader.

friday 22 March at 21:00
Stefano is always engaged in song-writing – suspended between jazz and soul – and has founded the quintet with some of the best young jazz musicians currently living in Rome.
His motto: “The voice is an all-powerful instrument, capable of expressing deep feelings that perhaps no other musical instrument can do. It is directly connected with the soul and becomes the audible expression of it. It converts the invisible into visible, creates new sounds and colors, transforms emotions into music. The voice is a tool to discover, subject to continuous evolution and expansion; expansion that goes beyond our imaginable limits.”
The Stefano Minder Quintet will be touring Europe in February 2019 and is currently working on the release of a new album.

Stefano Minder voice | Antoni Kuzak alto sax | Lorenzo Vitolo piano
Marco Bruno electric bass | Emanuele della Cuna drums

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Quartet from Belgium.

friday 22 March at 22:00
Serendip is a musical journey inspired by the ancient Persian tale ‘The Three Princes of Serendip’ by Amir Khusrau. The compositions melodically narrate the characters of the tale and explore the essence of the word Serendipity into a fusion of jazz language.
Serendip was conceived in October 2017.

Arnaud Guichard saxophone | Jasper De Roeck double bass
Florent Jeuniaux guitar | Matthias De Waele drums

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Seven musicians including three female voices, based in Belgium.

saturday 23 March at 20:00
Born in Brussels in 2016, Aishinka explores transmission through world songs and time.
Ever since and everywhere on Earth, humans have been evolving by transmitting their experience and the richness of their culture from generation to generation. They leave their knowledge, their ideas, their feelings to those who follow them and thus contribute to the ‘All’ that is humanity.
Hence the name Aishinka, meaning ‘love of evolution’ in Japanese (which is also the title of an album of the Bulgarian composer Ivan Spassov).
Surrounded by three female voices, Louise Andri and her ensemble present a music that meets different cultures and expressions.
Based on traditional Bulgarian songs, their repertoire opens the doors to the freedom of improvisation. Aishinka thus perpetuates the musical memory passed on by the older generations, while making it evolve in today’s world.

Emmanuelle Duvillard voice | Noémie Decroix voice | Claire Parsons voice | Tom Bourgeois sax
Federico Stocchi double bass | Daniel Jonkers drums | Louise Andri piano

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3 fellows, 1 name, 1 band, trio de lucs from Germany.

saturday 23 March at 21:00
A one-of-a-kind-trio among thousands of modern jazz boybands: the 3 ‘Lucs’ share their identical first names.
Melancholic melodies and earthy grooves merge to a musical entity, more than their utterly contrasting characters.
Drums, bass, piano, voices and beatbox form a deluxe sound, the sound de lucs – European jazz, embodying cosmopolitanism.

Lukas Derungs piano, voice & beatbox | Lukas Hatzis double bass & voice | Lukas Jank drums & percussion

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A sextet from Denmark.

saturday 23 March at 22:00
Anders Fjeldsted has become one of the most in-demand bass players of his generation in Denmark. He has played with acclaimed jazz musicians such as Rodney Green, Anders Bergcrantz and Alvin Queen.
His sextet consists of six of the strongest voices on the Danish jazzscene.
The music is expressive, swinging and organic – inspired by pioneers such as Charles Mingus, Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis.

Anders Fjeldsted double bass | Artur Tuznik piano | Henrik Holst Hansen drums
Oilly Wallace alto sax | Rolf Thofte Sørensen trumpet | Søren Høst tenor sax

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