B- Jazz is organized by vzw Muziekmozaïek Folk & Jazz (a non-profit organization), in close cooperation with 30CC and OPEK.

logo MuziekmozaïekMuziekmozaïek vzw Folk & Jazz is one of nine national focal points for Amateur Arts, for anyone who is listening to or playing folk and/or jazz in Flanders and Brussels.
From 2000 to 2013, Muziekmozaïek organized in cooperation with vzw De Rand ‘Jazz Hoeilaart International Contest’, founded in 1979 by the late Albert Michiels with the intention of giving young jazz musicians a stage to perform. More than 35 years later Muziekmozaïek reboots the contest ‘B-Jazz International Contest’ as part of ‘Leuven Jazz’.

logo 30cc30CC is the cultural center of Leuven, the dynamo of culture in Leuven. They ensure that there is always plenty to see and do in the city.
Since 2013 30CC is the driving force behind ‘Leuven Jazz’, a city festival with an eclectic mix of concerts, exhibitions , lectures, … in which jazz carries the main tone.


logo OPEK 2015OPEK (Public Entrepot for the Arts) is the operating base of several cultural organizations in Leuven. It is also a meeting place where young and old people experience and make art and where an active and motivated audience meet each other. As artistic laboratory OPEK creates new, inspiring connections between art, education and the public, also in the context of ‘B-Jazz’ and ‘Leuven Jazz’.


Café Entrepot is located on the ground floor of OPEK. This nice bar/restaurant is the place where we go to eat each day of the contest (and during the rest of the year, when we happen to be in Leuven). Definiytely worth checking this out.






logo Sabam for CultureSabam for Culture is our long-time partner.
Since many years they support this international contest. By giving a Composition Prize (in search of new Belgian jazz themes). The winner of the Composition Prize gets an amount of 1 500 euros and for the best performance of that composition there is also a prize of 500 euros.


FlandersB-Jazz is made possible by the support of the Flemish government.