These are the finalists

It took a while, but today we’re proud to announce the six finalists for B-Jazz International Contest 2015.

  • Attila Gyárfás Trio (HU/IT)
  • Philippe Lemm Trio (US)
  • RUIS (BE)
  • Soso Lakatos Quartet (GB/NL)
  • Ylativ Algo Quintet (DE/RU – winner of Getxo Jazz 2014)
  • the winner of the STORM! Contest 2015 (final on February 13th 2015)

They will all play during the finals on March 20th and 21st at Leuven.

More details on these bands can be found here.

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Deadline has expired

Just to let you know…

The deadline to join B-Jazz International Contest 2015 has expired last week.

For the moment, the three members of the jury (Peter Hertmans, Peter Vermeersch and Yannick Peeters) are listening to all compositions that were uploaded in time.
This means that they have to listen through 228 compositions in total, provided by 76 contestants from 19 countries.

By November 30th there were 98 contestants who wanted to join the contest, but unfortunately there were 22 of them that couldn’t do so.

The titles of the compositions and the countries from where we received them can be found on the page ‘Who joined?’ on the B-Jazz website.

Thanks to all the bands and musicains who uploaded their tracks.

All we have to do now is wait till the end of this year, to know who will be playing the finals in March 2015…

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Last call!

This is the last call to join the B-Jazz International Contest 2015.
The deadline is November 30th, 2014… that’s no more than 3 days now…

For the moment, already 62 bands from 17 different countries joined the contest.


If you also want to be part of this, better hurry now and go to www.b-jazz.be.
Good luck!

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Important notice for participants!

It seems that there are some musicians/bands that already registered for B-Jazz but didn’t complete their profile.
Most importantly: they didn’t upload any of the required audio files.

So, please, pay attention that when you register all fields are filled in and that the 3 audio files are uploaded correctly.

Incomplete profiles will not apply for the contest.
Sorry for that.


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